Operational Analytics

Gain hospitality insights

As experts in hospitality accounting, we understand your business. Our in-depth accounting and financial analysis in the hospitality industry helps businesses like yours to better understand and improve your operational efficiencies.

From detailed recipe costing analysis to valuable cover and spend reports, our insights can help brands to benchmark their performance, identify hospitality trends, opportunities, and tackle potential issues before they arise.

All our clients think of us as partners, not just accountants, with our account managers becoming an integral part of their teams, saying their business runs better with Paperchase.

Our analytical services include:

Cashflow Analysis – Helping you to better understanding how and when cash comes into your business, how and when your suppliers need paying, and how you should be managing your cash flow. Given the impact that COVID has left on hospitality businesses, proper cashflow management can help you make achieve projections for new projects and hospitality ventures.

Recipe Costing – Helping you to understand how to make more profit out of your menu, understanding which dishes are more profitable, which are the dishes your customers prefer more, which ingredients carry the most profit, and which are black holes.

Sales Analysis – Providing insights into your busiest times of the week, your most popular services, when do you need your staff the most and whether  you can afford to close on the quieter nights.

Benchmarking – Enabling you to compare your business’ performance and success against others through industry standards. This data-based information gives you a bird’s eye view of just how your restaurant stacks up against your competitors.

Trends and KPIs – Since COVID, the hospitality industry has been utterly transformed by changes in consumer behaviour, with more change coming. One of the biggest risk to the industry will be the increased costs that the sector will face. Our operational analytics and insights can help you prepare for this, identify hospitality trends, and better understand the true cost of running your business.