Temperature Check Findings

Many in hospitality are asking the same question, “how are we doing now, when compared to pre Covid?” In order to understand the new normal and how hospitality is recovering post COVID, we’ve launched the Temperature Check.

The Temperature Check is a comparison of financial data from 100 leading London restaurants, comparing an average of the results for the months of 2022 with data from the same months in 2019.

To gain an understanding of how we are recovering we are comparing the following data:

  • Revenue
  • Covers
  • Spend Per Head 

May & June 2019 vs. 2022

The post COVID statistics are encouraging:

  • MAY 2022 – showing revenue surpasses that of pre COVID and whilst the numbers of covers are down marginally, SPH (spend per head) is up by 16%.
  • June 2022 – for this month, revenue and covers are down, due, we think, to the start of the summer holiday exodus and many restaurants are remaining closed in the early week, due to staffing issues and an increase in COVID cases, whilst SPH increases to 17% up on pre COVID 2019